Taxi Trivia

In 1971, DeVito met his future wife - and future "Taxi" guest star - Rhea Perlman. The two were married during a "Taxi" lunchbreak in 1982. They have three children.

The show was inspired by a magazine article about the drivers who worked for the Mahattan's Daver Cab Company in New York.

Premiered: September 12, 1978, on ABC but later moved to NBC.
114 episodes were made.

Tony Danza is actually the unseen cabbie driving the taxi on the bridge during the opening credits/theme song.

Taxi connections before and after the show:
Before "Taxi" Danny DeVito and Cristopher Lloyd worked together in the 70's movies "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," and "Goin' South." Marilu Henner was in the national touring company of "Grease.," here she met "Taxi" costar Jeff Conaway. She also dated co-star Tony Danza, and later guest starred on his show "Who's the Boss?" She also dated Judd Hirsh. Early on in Carol Kane's career she performed in theaters all over the Northeast, including Lincoln Center, here she appeared in "Macbeth" with "Taxi" cohort Christopher Lloyd. They both later appeared in the movie "Adams Family Values." After "Taxi" Lloyd and Danza were in the movie "Angels In The Outfield." The cast minus Danza all appeared in the 1999 Andy Kauffman movie/biography "Man On the Moon." That "Taxi" cast sticks together.

Cheers Connections
Regular guest star Rhea Pearlman later went on to play Carla on the hit show "Cheers." The shows stars' Ted Danson and George Wendt have also made an earlier appearance on "Taxi."

Celeb Guest Appearances On Taxi
Ted Danson- (Cheers)
Tom Selleck- (Magnum PI)
George Wendt- (Cheers)
Martin Short - (3 Amigos)
Penny Marshall- (Laverne and Shirly)
Tom Hanks - (Forest Gump)