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First Telecast: March 3, 1985
Last Telecast: May 14, 1989

Used to be on Tuesday nights at 9:00 ABC

Theme Song: "Moonlighting" by Lee Holdridge and Al Jarreau; sung by Al Jarreau

Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) is a stunning model who made a fortune as the girl in the Blue Moon shampoo commercials. David Addison (Bruce Willis) is a brash, self-styled private eye. If ever there were opposites, Maddie and David are the classic case.

In no time, the fireworks started to fly when Maddie ends up broke after her embezzling business manager skips town. Feeling desperate, she sets out to liquidate what little she has left, including a detective agency run by wise guy Addison.

Like all opposites, the two don't agree on anything, fight over everything and discover a very strong attraction for one another. In the end David pursuades Maddie to join forces and become dectives together. The episodes revolve around David and Maddie being involved in some wild chase (wheather it be in cars, wheelchairs or on foot), solving a crime, angry door slamming, and classic bantering.

ABC was on a long losing streak, and Moonlighting was one of the few hit shows the network had. Too bad the stars and producer didn't get along at all, and the production company was unable to produce episodes on schedule. This led to lots of reruns, and the quick demise of the series. By then, Bruce Willis was a big movie star, and didn't need a TV series any longer. Willis won the 1986-87 Emmy award for best actor in a drama.


In "Witness For The Execution," we see David in his red heart boxers with shaving cream on his face, he then brushes it off and walks into Maddie's office and gives an angry monolouge. During this scene you'll notice that the shaving cream on his face goes from being heavy, non existant, to a few spotches, and this sequence changes throughout his angry speech. It's funny to see!

Also in this episode we see David hungover with an elephant earing dangling from his ear. This same earing is worn by Miss. DePesto in previous and latter episodes, however, she wears the earings as a pair. So what does this tell us? That David's crazy weekend included Miss. DePesto? he he, lets hope not.

In each episode whenever we first see Blue Moon or its workers, we see Maddie walk off the elevator with a close up of her legs and shoes. However, once in awhile this would change, usually by having Miss. DePesto in her high tops walk off the elevator or not having this at all in the earlier episodes.

The episode "It's a Wonderful Job" has a dream sequence where the Blue Moon detective agency becomes the Hart Detective Agency, with an employee named Lionel, played by actor Lionel Stander. Both are in-joke references to the show "Hart to Hart" (1979), which was airing at the same time. Also in this episode they play the theme to Dallas when showing Agnes in her new working life scenario.

The Cast

Cybill Shepherd .... Maddie Hayes
Bruce Willis .... David Addison
Allyce Beasley .... Agnes DiPesto
Charles Rocket .... Richard Addison
Eva Marie Saint .... Virginia "Ginny" Hayes
Robert Webber (I) .... Alexander Hayes
Curtis Armstrong .... Herbert Viola (1986-1989)
Jack Blessing .... MacGillicuddy (1986-1989)
Other Notable Appearances by:

Virginia Hayes (1987-1988)..... Eva Marie Saint
Alex Hayes (1987-1988)..... Robert Webber
MacGilicuddy (1988-1989)..... Jack Blessing
Sam Crawford (1987)..... Mark Harmon
Walter Bishop (1988)..... Dennis Dugan
David Addison, Sr...... Paul Sorvino
Richard Addison..... Charles Rocket


Season 1
Moonlighting (Originally Aired 3/3/1985)
Gunfight At The So-So Corral (Originally Aired 3/5/1985)
Read The Mind... See The Movie (Originally Aired 3/12/1985)
The Next Murder You Hear (Originally Aired 3/19/1985)
Next Stop Murder (Originally Aired 3/26/1985)
The Murder's In The Mail (Originally Aired 4/2/1985)

Season 2
Brother, Can You Spare A Blonde? (Originally Aired 9/24/1985)
The Lady In The Iron Mask (Originally Aired 10/1/1985)
Money Talks... Maddie Walks (Originally Aired 10/8/1985)
The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice (Originally Aired 10/15/1985)
My Fair David (Originally Aired 10/29/1985)
Knowing Her (Originally Aired 11/12/1985)
Somewhere Under The Rainbow (Originally Aired 11/19/1985)
Portrait Of Maddie (Originally Aired 11/26/1985)
Atlas Belched (Originally Aired 12/10/1985)
'Twas The Episode Before Christmas (Originally Aired 12/17/1985)
The Bride Of Tupperman (Originally Aired 1/14/1986)
North By North Dipesto (Originally Aired 1/21/1986)
In God We Strongly Suspect (Originally Aired 2/11/1986)
Every Daughter's Father Is A Virgin (Originally Aired 2/18/1986)
Witness For The Execution (Originally Aired 3/11/1986)
Sleep Talkin' Guy (Originally Aired 4/1/1986)
Funeral For A Door Nail (Originally Aired 4/29/1986)
Camille (Originally Aired 5/13/1986)

Season 3
The Son Also Rises (Originally Aired 9/23/1986)
The Man Who Cried Wife (Originally Aired 9/30/1986)
Symphony In Knocked Flat (Originally Aired 10/14/1986)
Yours, Very Deadly (Originally Aired 10/28/1986)
All Creatures Great... And Not So Great (Originally Aired 11/11/1986)
Big Man On Mulberry Street (Originally Aired 11/18/1986)
Atomic Shakespeare (Originally Aired 11/25/1986)
It's A Wonderful Job (Originally Aired 12/16/1986)
The Straight Poop (Originally Aired 1/6/1987)
Poltergeist III - Dipesto Nothing (Originally Aired 1/13/1987)
Blonde On Blonde (Originally Aired 2/3/1987)
Sam & Dave (Originally Aired 2/10/1987)
It's Maddie's Turn To Cry (Originally Aired 3/3/1987)
I Am Curious... Maddie (Originally Aired 3/31/1987)
To Heiress Human (Originally Aired 5/5/1987)

Season 4
A Trip To The Moon (Originally Aired 9/29/1987)
Come Back, Little Shiksa (Originally Aired 10/6/1987)
Take A Left At The Altar (Originally Aired 10/13/1987)
A Tale In Two Cities (Originally Aired 11/3/1987)
Cool Hand Dave, Part 1 (Originally Aired 11/17/1987)
Cool Hand Dave, Part 2 (Originally Aired 12/1/1987)
Father Knows Last (Originally Aired 12/15/1987)
Los Dos Dipestos (Originally Aired 1/5/1988)
Fetal Attraction (Originally Aired 1/19/1988)
Tracks Of My Tears (Originally Aired 2/2/1988)
Eek! A Spouse! (Originally Aired 2/9/1988)
Maddie Hayes Got Married (Originally Aired 3/1/1988)
Here's Living With You, Kid (Originally Aired 3/15/1988)
And The Flesh Was Made Word (Originally Aired 3/22/1988)

Season 5
Womb With A View (Originally Aired 12/6/1988)
Between A Yuk And A Hard Place (Originally Aired 12/13/1988)
The Color Of Maddie (Originally Aired 12/20/1988)
Plastic Fantastic Lovers (Originally Aired 1/10/1989)
Shirts And Skins (Originally Aired 1/17/1989)
Take My Wife, For Example (Originally Aired 2/7/1989)
I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld (Originally Aired 2/14/1989)
Those Lips, Those Lies (Originally Aired 4/2/1989)
Perfect (Originally Aired 4/9/1989)
When Girls Collide (Originally Aired 4/16/1989)
In 'N Outlaws (Originally Aired 4/23/1989)
Eine Kleine Nacht Murder (Originally Aired 4/30/1989)
Lunar Eclipse (Originally Aired 5/14/1989)