Maddie & David

"I'm the only one here that understands that two people can love each other and hate each other at the same time. They tried to pretend they didn't care but they did, just like Miss Hayes and Mr. Addison."--Agnes Dipesto.

Secretly and not so secretly David lusted after Maddie but she resisted. Their uncommon courtship became a main attraction and, by the end of the 1985-86 season, he finally won a kiss in a parking garage in episode "Witness for Execution." Their relationship was finally consumated at the end of the following season. Their rocky relationship survived breakups and temptations (yuppie Sam Crawford "Mark Harmon" wooed Maddie in early 1987). They both got counseling, she from Dr. Joyce Brothers and he from Ray Charles. And, in 1988, she became pregnant with David's baby, although she married (temporarily) a nerd she met on a train named Walter Bishop. The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. For all those who kept watching were put through hell in the process.

Moonlighting's constant production problems were widely publicized, especially the three-way battle between Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis and creator/executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron (who was forced off the show in the final season). Production delays often resulted in several repeat episodes, although when they arrived, they were often inventive - i.e. the November 1986 take-off on Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew - which was shown as a dream sequence - with David as Petruchio and Maddie as Kate. Many episodes began with the stars looking like clay dolls doing a little out-of-character skit or commenting on the show itself, and even turning to the camera and talking directly to the viewing audience.

Typical Maddie and David quotes consisted of Maddie yelling at David, and David saying something witty that had to do with sex back.

Maddie Hayes: I wouldn't want you losing any more sleep over me.
David Addison: Believe me, if and when I ever find myself over you, the last thing I'll be thinking about is sleeping.

[Maddie grabs David by the throat]
Maddie Hayes: Addison! You better figure out a way to get me off this train!
David Addison: Whoa! Lady, I will gladly get you off this train. I will throw you off this train, if necessary, but kindly refrain from any physical act that is not of an erotic nature.

Maddie Hayes: Brian Baker called me names. Preston Holt lied to me. Omar Gaus mocked me. I don't think I like men anymore.
David Addison: We still like you.